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Cheruthuruthy is extremely popular due to its amazing eco gardens and lush green environment. At the same time, the place is home to globally celebrated Kerala Kalamandalam, the distinguished school for Kathakali and erstwhile original drama of Kerala. Cheruthuruthi is actually a pleasant riverside township located in Thrissur the enlightening capital of the state of Kerala and in the environs of the Shoranur railway station. River Retreat in cheruthuruthy is extremely popular all over the globe due to its incredible spa massages, ayurvedic treatment, yoga training, detoxification programs, weight reduction programs, insomnia treatment, special foot massages, obesity treatment, steam baths and several other advantageous health programs depending upon your current requirement and liking. Cheruthuruthy sightseeing trips will certainly include a visit to Kerala Kalamandalam. On the other hand River Retreat have fabulous residential villas along with multi cuisine restaurants so that domestic and international tourist can satisfy their taste buds.

Enlightened by the backwaters of Bharatapuzha (also known as Nila), this ethnically rich small town has a lot to offer in terms of exquisite and natural beauty along with the warmth of a village both to global as well as Indian travellers. Cheruthuruthy sightseeing trips will include visit to Old Kalamandalam, located on the river Nila and Vallathol Samadhi. It began operating from 1927. Renowned poet Vallathol's residence, located close to the school has been rehabilitated into a big museum known as Vallathol Museum. Cheruthuruthy sightseeing will also involve Koothambalam that brings the convergence of conventional theatre and recent amenities. The supports are made of chunk sandstone and have 108 Karnas (ballet positions) inscribed in Natyashastra manuscript. However, the biggest advantage of visiting Cheruthuruthy is undoubtedly the stay in River Retreat that have the best of modern as well as traditional facilities that can be extremely pleasing and gratifying.