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Natures Lucullan Banquet

The hill district of Idukki, garbed in the richest hues of nature, sits majestically on an emerald throne flanked by the great Western Ghats. This Spice district of Kerala is a rare treasure trove swarming with natures rich bounties. Idukki embodies the true essence of green Kerala in its untamed tropical forests, fascinating wildlife sanctuaries, salubrious hill stations, exotic spice plantations and spectacular landscapes of unparalleled beauty. Idukki is natures kaleidoscope of vibrant colors; certain to enthrall, amaze, entertain and captivate mortal spectators.

Idukki, a landlocked district, derives its name from the Malayalam word Idukku meaning a narrow gorge. Idukkis lush green foliage is streaked with sparkling silver lines painted by the rivers Periyar, Thalayar, Thodupuzhayar and a number of rivulets. It is estimated that over fifty percent of the total land in the district is covered with dense tropical forests. Idukki is the place to indulge in elephant rides, wildlife safaris, trekking, boating or simply to bask in the calmness of picturesque greenery. Idukki is truly the ultimate getaway into the tranquil realms of pristine nature.