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Bestowed with Blessings and Beauty

Get a glimpse of this land bequeathed with the beauty of celestial charisma and the footsteps of sages. Fabled as the birthplace of Sri Adi Sankara, Kaladi, earlier known as “Salsalam, is sanctified with a number of ancient temples which preserves many epics in its richest forms.

Sri Adi Sankara occupies a unique place among the great philosophers of India as the one who preached the monistic or “Advaita” philosophy. It is in memory of Sankaracharya that the two major shrines – one for Dakshinamoorthy and the other for the Goddess Sharada, were erected in Kaladi. The Sringeri Math and Sri Ramakrishna Ashram add to the sanctity of the place. Kaladi is no disappointment for nature-lovers – places sprinkled with natural wonders could be found in plenty.