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All ears for the lingering folklores and all eyes for the vibrant art forms

It is well said that once in Kannur you are burdened with extremes; expect the unexpected and experience euphoria in the air! Truly symbolic to the state it forms a part of, Kannur undoubtedly showcases Kerala at its best. Natural splendor is in abundance and so are the legendary, traditional, cultural and commercial anecdotes that echo. Give heed to the mythical folklores the land narrates and have eyes for the never before seen vistas of Theyyam, the ancient ritualistic folk art!

Situated in the northern Kerala, Kannur is a quite town in Malabar that offers a choice for every traveler – exuding beaches, sensuous backwater rides, breathtaking backdrops, architectural finesse, handloom outlets and what not! Once a busy port city, the place is now known for its handloom industry; handloom artifacts are keepsakes that every traveler here prefers to carry back home.  What’s more, the natives too are truly amiable that tourists, who walk in, leave the place exhilarated and overwhelmed!