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Nattika – A drive in beach holiday on the cards

Nattika beach is famous for at least a million reasons. Apart from being a postcard pretty beach , this sandy coast is well acclaimed for being the shooting destination of the famous Malayalam movie Chemmen in the 1960s, which is the first Malayalam movie to have won the Presidential Award.

Located only at a distance of 30 km from Thrissur, Nattika has a wide sandy coast that is dotted with the swaying palm trees. There are many tourist attractions near Nattika including backwater cruise, elephant rides, beach volleyball and angling among others. Relatively secluded and away form the mayhem, Nattika beach tourism offers bountiful options for you  to soak up the fun of a thoroughbred beach holiday.

Nattika beach that extends to 4.5 km in length has another specialty that makes it different from the other beaches in Kerala because vehicles can be driven through this beach. So in case you wish to take a drive along the beach and the crashing waves, this could well be that special moment for you! 

Enjoy the fishermen going about their daily business, indulge in a spell of beach badminton or do nothing but laze around the coast - no matter whatever you choose to do, options are all yours in Nattika beach.  It is just like a private beach holiday as on some days, you would be truly enthralled to get the whole sandy stretch just for you!

Ride the waves, follow the crabs or build sand castles and to recreate the magic of childhood. A holiday is after all stopping being serious adults for a while! Not many beaches can offer the double goodness of backwaters and the sea like Nattika. An ideal place to spend some quite time in the company of your special ones, Nattika retains its timeless charm of the yore even today. The virgin beach is well suited for package tours and day trips alike. The beach is long and spotlessly clean where you can enjoy a long walk being caressed by the sea breeze.

You would find ample scope for photo shoots in this dramatically beautiful beach. Strike a pose against the country fishing boats that are parked on the shores or freeze the frame of the sunset with the palms at the backdrop and don’t forget this one for your family scrap book- with the smiling kids of the fishing hamlet!

The cobalt blue waters, the shadow play of light and shades and the changing hues of the sky, nature is indeed at its brilliance here.  The clean waters are well suited for swimming, and those who have worked up an appetite could explore the many seafood stalls that serve freshly prepared delicacies. There are many accommodation options and beach resorts where you can have a relaxed stay. The famous Shree Rama temple of Triprayar, which is many centuries old and is one of the biggest Rama temples in South India is a must see place near Nattika in Thrissur.