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Poovar – An exceptional holiday that is too good to miss

Ever dreamt of an exceptional holiday on a private island of your own? If yes, Poovar could well be your choice. Located just 38km from Trivandrum, Poovar can be reached by boat in just fifteen minutes. Feted as one of the '50 must visit' places in India by the 'National Geographic Traveler', this breathtakingly beautiful  island can be well explored by making use of the Poovar Vacation tours . Poovar takes credit for the rare congregation of lake, river, sea and the beach with the land, which makes it a natural wonder and a tourist destination of a different genre altogether.

Poovar in Trivandrum is unspoilt and unseen. From the beautiful backwaters to the sandy beach and the sea, Poovar offers the best of everything you could ask for on your holiday! Originally a fishing village, Poovar can be reached only through water. The beach is clean and beautiful however, there are no water sports or beach leisure activities in Poovar because of the fishing activities.

There are many convenient accommodation options in this island including resorts, home stays and lodges to suit your needs and budget.  Poovar vacation tours offer exceptional choices that ensure both fun and adventure. Set out on a cruise to one of the islands, learn about the martial arts of Kerala in one of the villages of  Poovar, well known for its legacy in martial arts or enjoy a slow canoe ride through the wonderful maze of backwaters and lagoon to  enjoy the beauty of rustic life upclose! Options are all yours while you are in Poovar.

Poovar was a trading post during the reign of King Solomon where ships that carried timber, sandal wood and ivory landed. There are many ancient monuments and religious places in Poovar even today. The Central Mosque, which is thought to have built by Malik ibn Dinar around 1400 years ago is a popular tourist attraction in Poovar .

The unexplored beauty and the intriguing charm of Poovar, makes a favorite honey moon destination as well.  Poovar is bestowed with more than its fair share of attractions considering its extremely small size.

The splendor of this little island is considerably enhanced by the elaborate networks of water bodies including estuaries, lakes, canals and rivers that run along the length and breadth of this island. On a high tide day, the island gets closer to the sea through the swollen estuary. It is the best possible destination to experience the mood changes of nature and the rhythm and harmony of nature.

Be it a family holiday, a honeymoon trip or just a weekend break with no particular agenda – no matter whatever you plan to do here in Poovar, the bottom-line reads that this island never stops to amuse you! If tranquility is your catchphrase this holiday, do not look beyond this stunningly beautiful island of Poovar because it is unlikely that you can spot another destination that can match the peace and quiet of this reclusive is like holidaying on your own private island!