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Thrissur - Trichur

Thrissur - Trichur

Kerala’s Cultural Capital

Thrissur, the renowned cultural capital of the state of Kerala, offers a fantasy escapade into Kerala’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage. This exotic hub of artistic delights offers the perfect setting to experience the enchanting cultural extravaganza of Kerala. The city of Thrissur built in 1790 A.D by Sakthan Thampuran was once the political capital of the kingdom of Cochin. The city built around the pivot of Vadakkumnathan Temple will stupefy you with its exotic festivals, imposing temples, magnificent palaces, historic monuments, and abounding natural splendor.

Thrissur gets its present name from “Thiru Siva Perur”, which means a town with the name of Lord Siva. Thrissur has always upheld secular views and Hindus, Malabar Mappilla Moslems, Syrian Christians and Jews have peacefully co-existed here from ancient times. Several cultural and literary organizations that have contributed immensely to the growth of Malayalam language, literature and arts, are based in Thrissur.

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